WOH Burner x Essential Oil Set (Charcoal)

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This is a set that includes the artisan-made WOH aromatherapy oil burner made by our friends at 

Césama Home and a choice of either the W Blend, B Blend or K Blend things to come essential oil blend. 

About the WOH Aromatherapy Oil Burner:
Dimension : H12m Ø13cm
Water-resistant interior
100% handmade, any small discrepancy in size is tolerable.

How to use:
Fill the bowl of the burner with water as necessary. Add 3 drops of essential oil (or more depending on size) into the diffuser, add a tealight candle, kick back, relax & enjoy. 

Do not leave your burners on unattended. Keep out of reach from children and pets.