Our Blends

The W Blend- W for Waffles

All W Blend products has a lavender based scent. 
Waffles is the boss of the family. She is the super-glue shih tzu that first taught us how to love when we brought her home 10 years ago. A good night's sleep between our pillows, hugs and kisses, new toys, slow walks in the park, coffee and fries at a cafe, and chilling right beside me (or on my tummy) while we watch the telly are just some of the things she loves. She smells like pandan cake, and everyday I wish I could bottle up her scent in a bottle to carry it around with me all day. As she grows older, she seems to have developed some separation anxiety- she cries when I leave her at the groomer, and she loses her appetite when we travel. It's a constant struggle to decide if I love her more than she loves me.  

The B Blend- B for Bagels

All B Blend products has a geranium based scent. 
Bagels is the golden retriever whose ferocious appetite was the first thing we warned about when we were picking our dream-come-true. J was initially sold on the puppy that was trying her darnest to get his attention, while I was looking for one that was 'left out' and composed. So #wifewins and we chose the puppy wthat was snoozing behind her litter of siblings and had lumbered towards us when we called out to her. True enough, she drools uncontrollably when we eat something that she knows she can have, and breaks into a dance when we prepare her meals every. single. day. This beautiful girl is faithful, loyal and happiest when everyone is home. She is unfortunately forced to be less active these days due to her hips dysplasia and goes for hydrotherapy and gets aromatherapy to help manage the situation. 

The K Blend- K for Kaffa

All K Blend products has a lemongrass based scent. 
Happy-go-lucky, this is what our youngest puppy girl really is. We've never seen her angry or upset at anything, though she gets really impatient when she's about to get her food. She's quite a runner and can fetch you that ball 50 times over. But we've had quite a bit of challenge with this girl though. She's had yeast infection in her ears and the area around her mouth shortly after we brought her home and it's still a long ongoing battle. We've brought her to the vet on several counts but the oral medications, lotions and everything prescribed have not worked. She also itches and sheds flakes like it's snowing all the time so right now, it's natural therapy till she gets better. Patience, be with us!