Can I buy these products for myself if I don't have a dog?

Of course you can! What essentially differentiate our products from other fabulous artisanal aromatherapy products are (i) the type of essential oils we use and (ii) our dilution ratio. We only select and blend essential oils that are safe for dogs, and the oils are carefully diluted in a higher ratio of distilled water and/or carrier oils that again, is safe for dog's use. 

We started things to come | you + dogs because we want to be sure what we are using for ourselves is safe for our pets' inhalation when they are around us and it's a dream come true if they could also experience the therapeutic benefits themselves. 

Have the products been tested by dogs?

We've been using our products on our dogs and ourselves for months before each launch. So yes, we do test but only on our own. 

What’s the shelf life of the products?

Remember to use your preservative-free products ideally within 6 months of the 'Handcrafted On' date. While all products remain good to use for up to 12 months, you will start to notice weaker scent notes beyond the 6 months mark. Always give the products a shake before use as ingredients may settle after a period. 

I find the scent slightly underwhelming. Why is this so? 

Our essential oils are carefully diluted in a higher ratio of distilled water and/or carrier oils  so that they are safe to be used around and shared with pets. With senses way more sensitive than ours, scents that may seem underwhelming to us will not be so for them. If you love our scents and would like something stronger to be used on yourself, drop us a line and we'll make that happen! 


How long will it take for my order to reach me?

Orders will be dispatched within 5 business days. Our things to come aromatherapy products are handcrafted upon order and payment confirmation to ensure quality and freshness of our products. Once blended and packaged, your bottles of goodness will be couriered to you as soon as we can. 

Do you make any exceptions for urgent request?

If you need the products urgently for a party or as gifts, write to us and we will try to work something out!

How much does shipping cost within Singapore? 

We offer free shipping for all orders $60 and above within Singapore, and shipping fees of $4.50 for anything below. 

Do you ship internationally?

We can ship to selected countries. Get in touch with us with a list of items you wish to purchase and we'll get back to you with shipping charges. 


What's your Returns & Exchange policy?

Our products go through a thorough check before we ship your items but in the event that accidents happen (such as crack bottles or leakage) or you were shipped the wrong items (sorry!), we are happy to offer an exchange. 

Get in touch with us within 7 days from when you receive your order and we'll take it from there!