The Paws Towel (Jungle Blues)

About The Paws Co.

Bali Paws was made out of the love and passion for Bali and with a mission to help the many furry friends on this beautiful island! Every item is 100% handmade in Bali with the intention of raising funds to protect Bali dogs and other rescue dogs on the island. We absolutely adore everything about The Paws Co. 

Why we love The Dog Towel

The Dog Towel is perfect for laying in the grass or on the beach, or to dry your pup off after a bath! Its size is perfect to be nicely tucked in a bag, and we’ve used it as car seat covers, to line cafe chairs and also as a blanket for our pups- the possibilities are truly endless. Most of all, we love the towel’s vibrant tropical prints and the fact that it’s handmade to be luxurious yet absorbent, everything you really need in a towel. 

It’s gonna be the perfect pairing with our Gentle No-Rinse Paw Cleanser and Gentle No-Rinse Fur Cleanser. 

61cm x 65cm

100% Cotton Towel Material and Rayon Cotton

Handmade in Bali