Pause Paws Roll-On Perfume

The magical potion for a calm state of mind, Pause Paws will take you to a realm of relaxation at any situation in life- whether it's troubles at work, driving a stressed puppy, or simply needing a lead-in to a good night's sleep.  A blend of certified organic Lavender and Patchouli with cold-pressed and unrefined oils, these roll-ons are safe to be enjoyed by both you and your pups. 


Directions for Use

For you
Simply roll on pulse points and/or behind the ears and inhale. Enjoy as frequent as you wish.

For dogs
Apply the oil on your puppy's head (our favourite!), arm pit areas, tummy, or any where they have absolutely no means to lick, and then rub the oil onto the fur. Remember, less is more.

Watch out for signs of sensitivity and allergy if using for the first time- all of us are different, and we will react differently to the same product.