No. 04 Holiday Gift Set

The No. 4 Holiday Gift Set (worth $52) includes:

1 x 6.7oz Christmas Blend Candle
(Balsam Fir + Eucalyptus + Cedarwood)

We don't need a christmas tree to get into the mood of gifting! Our limited edition Christmas Blend bottles up the merriment of the holiday season (imagine the fragrance of a christmas tree accompanied by hints of refreshing eucalyptus and woody tree barks) and at the same time, improves respiratory function and boasts antiseptic properties to cleanse our minds and bodies. 

Hand-poured using 100% soy wax and blended in pure and therapeutic grade essential oils only. Each 6.7oz jar can burn up to 40 hours. They are non-toxic and do not contain any colour dyes, parabens, paraffin or phthalates.


1x Gentle No-Rinse Fur Cleanser or/and Gentle No-Rinse Paw Cleanser (100ml)