Mist For A Walk In The Woods

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The Mist For A Walk in The Woods now comes in refill packs of 100 and 200ml.

The Mist For Walk In The Woods combines Hiba Wood and Frankincese Oil to form a scent reminiscent to that of a slow walk through a forest of Aomori Hiba Trees that are native to Aomori Prefecture in the northern part of Honshu, Japan’s largest mainland island. This product will be available in limited quantities from the bottles of HIba Wood oil that we hand-carried back home from Japan. 

About Aomori Hiba Wood
These trees have been used to build numerous sacred buildings such as shrines and castles in Japan from hundreds of years ago, simply because Hiba naturally resists any rot and mould of any kind. The wood of the Aomori Hiba boasts compounds, Hinokitiol and Beta-dolabrin, that are renowned for their antibacterial and insect-repelling properties.

The highest-quality oils are pressed from the bark of trees that have reached full maturity at 300 hundred years old, and the Hiba wood is also highly revered for its aromatic and calming scent, making it widely used for aromatherapy purposes in Japan. 


Key Ingredients
Thujopsis Dolabrata (HIba Wood) and Boswellia Carterii (Frankincense) Oil 

Directions for Use
Shake well, spray about 2 or 3 pumps onto the fur and rub or massage gently. Be careful not to direct the spray at your puppy's face. Watch out for signs of sensitivity and allergy if using for the first time- all of us are different, and we will react differently to the same product. Gently formulated for daily usage.