Japanese Fish Jerky (Ready Stock)

We met Naoko at a dog fair in Japan 2 years ago, picked up a few packs of Maguro, Barracuda and Salmon jerky for our dogs and we've never seen our girls wag their tails so hard at each bite. Naoko's offerings vary according to seasons and what she manages to get from the fishermen in Japan each time, and are available in very small quantities. Each jerky is hand-sliced and prepared by Naoko, and hence will differ in size and shape.

We love the amount of heart and hard work that Naoko pours into these treats, and the fact that our dogs get to enjoy the equivalent of the sashimi we indulge in when in Japan. The fish treats contain no preservatives or additives, and can be kept up to 3 months from the time you receive them. We've been placing personal orders from Naoko since then because we're particular about the quality and type of treats we give to our dogs (especially Waffles, our 15 year old Shih Tzu with heart and kidneys that require TLC). Also, after much persuasion from our friends whom we've gifted these jerky to, we will be opening up pre-orders to everyone for the first time. 

Each batch will take about a month to reach us, factoring in the time needed to finalise the number of orders, for Naoko to prepare the fish treats and finally, for the treats to be packed, sealed and shipped from Japan to Singapore. 

What's available in Batch 1.0 (Winter Season): 
1. Tara (Cod) Jerky (30g)
2. Maguro (Tuna) Jerky (40g)
3. Kamasu (Barracuda) Jerky (5 pieces)
4. Taichiuo (Hairtail) Jerky (25g)