The Blend of a Fresh September

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It's a new beginning in the form of a fresh calendar month. You enter an orchard with bright oranges on one side, and fresh rosemary grown in a little herb garden at the side. You walk further in, only to be greeted with majestic cedar trees. You and your furry ones, welcoming your favourite month together. 

Great for revitalising kitchen spaces, refreshing bathrooms and just about anywhere

Add 20 (more or less- up to you) drops (or more depending on size) into a ceramic diffuser and let the natural properties of the essential oils do their jobs. As always, all blends are carefully crafted for our dogs' safe inhalation, and boast the same wellness goodness for ourselves. 

Crafted with 100% EcoCert and USDA certified organic Sweet Orange, Rosemary, Cedarwood Atlas and Lavender oils

Fresh, herbaceous, woody 

Sizes 10ml, 20ml