Ear Cleanser (Dogs)

Bottled here is a range of organic plant hydrosols and a blend of therapeutic grade essential oil, mindfully selected for application on a dog's skin and a dog's safe inhalation. No harsh chemicals is used for the topical cleansing of a dog's ear flap, leaving ears smelling fresh with a botanical scent. 

The ear cleanser is created for weekly maintenance to keep the ear flaps clean. Healthy ears do not require regular cleaning. This is not a remedy for ear inflammation or yeast infection as both require veterinary care. 

Usage Instructions
Spray cleanser onto a clean cotton pad or directly onto the ear flap towards the direction of the ear canal and wipe off excess oil or dirt. 

Use weekly or when necessary. 
Keep refrigerated or in a cool place.

Matricaria recutita, Chamaemelum nobile, Rosa centifolia hydrosols, Calendula officinalis oil and a blend of proprietary essential oils