Botanical Infused Bath Salt For Namaste Moments

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Treat your doggo bosses to a home-spa infusion packed with so many great benefits with this calming detox, the Botanical Infused Bath Salt For Namaste Moments.

Harnessing the natural properties of the Himalayan Pink Salt which drains out toxins through its minerals and negative ions, the Bath Salt For Namaste Moments nourishes the skin and calms the mind with a combination of our signature The W Blend (Lavender + Patchouli), organic dried lavender and chamomile flowers. Chamomile is an all-round safe herb with a long history of medicinal use, but here, its relaxing and soothing properties will make it an excellent calming remedy for a stressed you or dog.

Great for
Relaxation + Detoxification 

100g, 200g, 500g (approximately 50g per use on a small dog)

Himalayan Pink Salt, certified organic Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) oil and Patchouli Pogostemon Cablin oil, organic chamomile flowers

Directions for Use For Dogs
1. Fill a tub with comfortable warm water to submerge either pup's paws, half body or full body 
2. Add approximately 50g of bath salt to water and mix the salt until it dissolves. Measurement does not have to be exact and is based on a full bath soak for our 5.5kg Shih Tzu, Waffles. 
3. Coax or dip your pup into the tub and let him/her soak for 5 to 10 (ideally) minutes. You can indulge him/her with a massage to keep him/her calm and happy. We'll recommend to start off with a paws only or half body soak if you're doing it for the first time to slowly ease your dog into a bath soak routine. 
4. Drain water and do a rinse with clean water, blow dry and enjoy the rest of the day! 

Directions for Use For You
Add carrier oil into a handful of bath salt to enjoy as a body scrub. It's best to scrub on dry skin to maximise the positive effects of an exfoliation. (We do this while chatting with and waiting for our royal highness in the tub.)

Directions for Use For You+Dogs
Hop into a tub together, add bath salt, have fun. Nuff' said.