About things to come | you + dogs

things to come | Pets is a motivation gifted by our dogs. 

As our dogs grow older, we try our best to give them an even better life than we already have. We look into many things like their diet, purchase treats that are human-grade and those that I'll also pop into my mouth, take them out with us as much as we can and so long places welcome them, just so we give our all in achieving happy, healthy and long lives for them. But sometimes, things go beyond our control. 

That raw wound that surfaces out of the blue from excessive gnawing, those hot spots, itch and flakes arising from the merciless weather in our tropical island, that inflamed eye from paw-rubbing, and the list goes on. Other than taking them on dreadful visits to the vet (which may not even help), applying topical medication that sometimes hardly work and managing their non-contact with the affected areas, there was nothing we could do to help them feel better

And so, here we are... cutting out unnecessary stress and delivering wellness through the use of aromatherapy. Aromatics reduce stress and increase immunity, which are both so important in blasting the canine's happiness and health meter. 

We marry the great properties of essential oils with careful blending that is perfectly safe for canines, and only include 100% natural oils in our products. Each product is carefully made in small batches, using only ethically-sourced therapeutic ingredients that are kind on the fur and human skin.

Simple moments of wellness and luxury, we in turn gift to you and yours.