The Blend of Things

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Luxurious and calming at the same time, we reach for a bottle of The Blend of Things when it's time for an evening wind down and a gradual preparation for bedtime. When creating this blend, we wanted to combine all our favourite single notes to create something that associates to a warm and comforting home- one we return to everyday, one that remains a safe habour for all of us, no matter the time or day. Start an evening ritual and beat the sleepless nights with this cocktail of rustic Lavender, grounding Frankincense, comforting Bergamot and cozy Cedarwood.

Add 20 (more or less- up to you) drops (or more depending on size) into a ceramic diffuser and let the natural properties of the essential oils do their jobs. As always, all blends are carefully crafted for our dogs' safe inhalation, and boast the same wellness goodness for ourselves. 

Crafted with 100% Eco Cert and USDA certified organic oils

Scent Calming and luxurious

Size 10ml, 20ml