Sit & Stay Blend

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Floral, earthy, and topped with a hint of peppery notes- Sit & Stay is our first essential oil blend where we introduce Black Pepper. Black pepper essential oil  boosts many wonderful benefits such as helping to ease anxiety and cleanse our body system. 

Sit & Stay may not be the solution every time you need your dog to sit and stay (we named it as such because if we could be granted a wish, it would be for our dogs to sit and stay with us for as long as we live), but we guarantee a time of relaxation if you have a furry one to share this with as Black Pepper is one of the safest essential oils for canines.

This essential oil blend is to be enjoyed through a diffuser, never for direct application on the skin.

Great for meditation, me-time, me-time with dogs

Add 20 (more or less- up to you) drops (or more depending on size) into a ceramic diffuser and let the natural properties of the essential oils do their jobs. As always, all blends are carefully crafted for our dogs' safe inhalation, and boast the same wellness goodness for ourselves. 

Crafted with 100% EcoCert and USDA certified organic Geranium, Patchouli and Black Pepper

Earthy with a hint of pepper

Size 10ml, 20ml