LORO Diffuser (White)

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The LORO Diffuser is a great alternative for those looking to scent bigger spaces. It boasts a bigger water tank capacity of 150ml compared to our Ceramic Diffuser, and is able to scent spaces like the living room or kitchen with its larger diffusing capacity. 

Matte metal, BPA-free plastic

White / Black

Ultrasonic: 2.5 vibrations/seconds
1-hour, 3-hour, and consistently ON (will go on for 6 to 8hrs) settings.

Width: 10 cm
Height: 22.5 cm
Weight: 635 grams

Misting output
Consistent: 0.75 fl. oz./hour.
Intermittent 0.38 fl. oz./hour and 0.25 fl. oz./hour.

Diffusing capacity
700 sq. ft.

Automatically turns off when time is up or when water runs out
Automatically shuts off when the lid is removed and does not turn on unless the lid is secured properly

Power cord
USB Cable

6 months from date of purchase