things x Nut Busters Bundle No. 02

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We’ve coupled with local gourmet nut butters makers, Nut Busters, to bring the perfect bundles to you and your furry (or not) sweethearts. 

Nut Busters' BARE Cashew Butter makes a safe and healthy treat for dogs (and all at home!) as it's made of 100% cashews and nothing else.

The benefits of Cashew Butter include: 
- Super Vitamin K that is found in cashews
- Omega-3 fatty acids that help promote healthy skin and coat
- Calcium for essential bone formation 

things x Nut Busters Bundle No. 02
BARE Cashew Butter (90ml) + Gentle No-Rinse Paw Cleasner (150ml) + Travel Tin Candle (4oz) 

All things x Nut Busters Bundles will be delivered by 8 February 2021.